Friday, August 13, 2010

A Quick Synopsis of Letter 1

Alright, I like this first letter a lot. Here is my brief summary of the contents, and I think I'll post a few questions later that I had while reading...

The topic of Lewis's first letter to Malcolm is revealed straightaway and explicitly in the 3rd paragraph. There is apparently no subject, other than sport, on which Lewis has less to say than "liturgiology." He decides to dispose of the little that he does have to say on this subject (liturgiology, not sport) in this 1st letter.

The letter from thereon can be broken into two related subjects.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

thoughts on getting started...

we need to break the book into readable segments, shorter (way shorter) than chapters - and then give everyone a few days to read and respond to what they read. There needs to be a form to this, and the "book club" model probably makes the most sense.

I havent had time to look through my copy at all - dad you might know best - what's a good first segment to read and respond to?

That's my idea of how to proceed anyway.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Letters To Malcolm: One Last Try To Start Something

Why would Lewis suggest he and Malcolm agree on a subject to discuss, then turn right around to say, 'Nothing makes an absent friend so present as a disagreement.'

And how appropriate to the present-day culture of the Church world-wide are Lewis' words regarding worship that extend from the first to the last of this first letter!?

We sometimes think that our struggles are really unique to us, when in reality, their underlying principles and issues are far more eternal in value than we think.

That he mentions prayer as his first thought - one which is 'a good deal on (his) mind' - is significant.

I have suggested three subjects which you will find across the page at the top.

Let's dive in wherever you feel led.

And thank you (!) for your help and company as I read through this book!